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The 00’s A Decade in Fashion

By André DeVeaux

March 2010

So these last ten years have flown by like clockwork we’ve had our up’s and we’ve had our downs, but what men fashion trends have stood the test of decadism, and what trends have we left to rot in the closet of yesteryear, Let’s take a tip back down memory lane.

Key Items: Oversized T-shirt’s/Pants/ Jackets, excessive diamante jewellery, Velour, Basketball Sneakers.

R.I.P: 2000 -2004

The Suit Moment

This follow up to Bling Bling urged the metrosexual man for some type of return to sophistication, gone were the oversized pieces in turn for sleeker, true to fit items such as Dior Homme blazers, super skinny ties and slim fit pants.

Key Items: Fitted blazers, skinny ties, and Suit trousers or slim-fit pants with White Tennis sneakers or leather shoes.

R.I.P: Although this trend has adapted itself into current trends its heyday was from 2004-2006.

Eighties Revival: Mini Trends 2007- 2010

Old Skool

Once again guys taking back old hip-hop influences donning items such as Hi-top trainers, nerdy glasses and Varsity jackets along with other retro inspired pieces to give there outfit some extra punch.

Key Items: Hi-Top Sneakers, Paint box/ Neon Acid Coloured Tops or Pants, Slim/Skinny Fit Jeans, Gold Jewellery, Military
Jackets, Aztec/ Mosaic prints, and retro pieces inspired by items of the eighties.

Grandpa Sleek

A style inspired by the so called “Geeks” of the eighties but also with clear influences that lead back to traditional imagery of grandfathers. This trend involves taking classic items such as bow ties and braces but remixing them with today’s fashions to create a timeless vintage look.

Key Items: Vintage blazers, Grandpa Slippers, cardigans, chunky knitwear, bow ties, braces, big retro reading glasses.

Of course these trends are simply a blueprint to go by today’s fashion savvy men are no longer sucked into fads and fast turnover trends instead they yearn for individuality and looks that take inspiration from things other than celebrity. With all that these are the things to look out for this spring:
Heavy usage of Denim – Reworking classic looks
The return of Military styles – Well Tailored and sharp detailing
Classic pieces – Work sports looks with formalwear bringing life back to old pieces.
Neutral Colours – Beiges, Pastel Greens, Greys, these are working their way back from Jackets to cargo pants.
New Shapes – Don’t be afraid to experiment with new shapes whether it be a coat or a pair of pants.
Layering – play with different textures to bring depth to outfits.

Other trends are bubbling under also but these seem to be the most promising to last for now.

Quality Over Quantity

Lastly a stylist’s tip: Go with a theme then begin to work your outfit around it, always start with one item and work from there.
Shoes or pants are always a good place to being. Remember work the vision don’t let the vision work you.

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