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- Photography by Corrie Side - Grooming + Art Direction by James Kershaw - Model Travis D. at PHABRIK model + artist management The modern man likes to pamper himself just as much as his female counterpart with new skin care innovations and fragrances. Spring/Summer 2015 doesn’t disappoint as a variety of new items are entering the marketplace, but be on your toes as some of the new scents are special editions only available for a limited time. Jimmy Choo, the famed footwear design house, launches Jimmy Choo Man, its inaugural scent for men. The fragrance opens with lavender and mandarin essence, warms to notes of geranium and pineapple leaf with base notes of patchouli and amber-based woods. It is housed in a smoked glass flask-shaped bottle. The face of the scent is Kit Harington of Game of Thrones; he embodies the Jimmy Choo man: masculine, seductive, and with an innate sense of style. The house of Thierry Mugler is known for their tradition of launching limited edition versions of their best-selling A*Men scent every year. A*Men Ultra Zest is this year’s scent, described as a fresh, colourful creation. It is presented in the classic bottle shape, this time in a startling, vivid matte orange hue. The scent opens with notes of mandarin, blood orange and ginger, warms to notes of cinnamon, coffee and black pepper, and has bottom notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean. One of the limited edition scents launching this Spring is Valentino Uomo Edition Noire, which follows a very successful debut last year of the original. This edition, housed in an opaque matte black version of the original faceted glass bottle, has notes of coffee, gianduja cream, musky white leather, cedar and bergamot. Mont Blanc’s Legend Special Edition, also available for a limited time, is a fresh version of its original with top notes of bergamot and lavender, heart notes of green apple and violet, and base notes of raw wood accords. It is presented in a deep blue glass version of the original bottle. Burberry, the British fashion house know for its iconic plaid and the invention of the trench coat, launches Brit Rhythm For Him Eau de Toilette Intense. It is an intensified version of the house’s best-selling scent launched in 2014 and is described as a sensual scent with a masculine smoky and leathery accord. The scent opens with cumin seed and pepper oil, includes heart notes of amber and patchouli, and finishes with guaiac wood and tonka bean. Calvin Klein unveils Reveal Men, the masculine edition of the women’s scent launched last fall. The fragrance’s composition includes notes of crystallized ginger, pear brandy, suede, agave nectar and golden amber. The scent is represented by actor Charlie Hunnam, best known for his role as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. Once he has chosen his fragrances for the season, the modern man's thoughts may very well turn to his complexion. Clarins Paris launches two reformulated and repackaged men’s skin care products this June. Clarins’ research has found that due to higher levels of testosterone, a man’s skin is up to 25% thicker than his female counterparts. With a naturally more dense collagen fibre network, the skin requires increased energy to produce dermal fibres. The updated products include gymnema, which regulates the energy of skin cells, along with bison grass (a signature ingredient of ClarinsMen), which stimulates energy regeneration. It also includes organic goji berry to boost energy production, avocado peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis, and organic oat polyoses to tighten the skin surface. Clarins’ Revitalizing Gel fights the signs of aging such as dullness, fine lines and loss of tonicity, improves hydration with double hyaluronic acid and maintains a fresh matte appearance with zinc gluconate combined with tapioca powder. The Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum contains escin from horse chestnut and caffeine which stimulates lipolysis and microcirculation. Their draining properties help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Whiskers a go go

- Photographs + Digital Art by C Side Photography - Article + Grooming by James Kershaw - Models Mark W. and Randy C. at PHABRIK artist + model management Facial hair trends tend to come and go in cycles much like fashion trends, just at a slower pace. Throughout the 19th century, most males sported some form of facial hair, be it sideburns, goatees, moustaches or beards. In the last century, decades seemed to each have their own facial hair trend. Pencil thin moustaches in the twenties and the return of Mutton chop side burns à la Elvis in the fifties combined with goatees in the sixties and full, bushy porn star ’staches in the seventies. The eighties, for the most part, was generally a clean shaven decade, but as we entered the nineties, facial hair again resurfaced as hip urban dwellers began sporting ‘soul patches’ and goatees. As the 21st century dawned, hipsters in large cities such as New York began to grow full beards and moustaches, some even reverting back to the waxed handle bar ’stache of yore. The trend is now global and young males everywhere are embracing the whiskered face. Some of the planet’s top menswear fashion houses are showing their newest looks on the catwalk and in print on full bearded and mustachioed models. Arguably, beards and other facial hair styles tend to make those able to grow them appear more masculine and powerful. Whether that is true or not, keeping the growth clean, conditioned and groomed is of utmost importance—and of course there is a wide array of products available to do just that. Here are some of the best the industry has to offer.

Scent of a Man

- Photography Grant Olson - Article + Art Direction by James Kershaw - Model Ross L. at PHABRIK model + artist management Two of the hottest men’s scents for Spring 2014 are of European and North American origin. John Varvatos, one of the most prolific American designers, adds to his portfolio of best selling men’s fragrances with the launch of the limited edition Artisan Acqua. This invigorating citrus blend has accents of spices and herbs that create a unique woody aroma. The fragrance is the third in the Artisan series following the original Artisan and Artisan Black. The fragrance opens with notes of tangelo, mandarin and angelica root developing to heart notes of clary sage, coriander, basil, geranium and jasmine sambac, and finishes with notes of moss, patchouli and fir balsam.The second fragrance from the house of Mont Blanc is the new Mont Blanc Emblem which debuts in May. Described as a fresh woody aromatic scent with top notes of clary sage, cardamom and sparkling grapefruit, the scent warms to notes of violet leaves and cinnamon, finishing with notes of precious woods and tonka beans. Prada adds another scent to their growing collection of men’s fragrances with the new Luna Rossa Extreme, a new version of their uber successful Luna Rossa launched in 2012. The fragrance is named after the house’s sailing vessel/team that competes in the America’s Cup race. This new interpretation, blended by perfumer Daniela Andrier under the creative direction of Miuccia Prada, is housed in a Yves Behar designed black glass bottle with a jet black carapace cut with vertical apertures. The fragrance opens with bergamot from Italy and it invigorates the black pepper and activates fresh lavender notes, warming to notes of leathery labdanum and juniper berries, m aturing to notes of intense lavender absolute and rich vanilla.

UNcommon Scents

- Product Photographs + Digital Art by C Side Photography - Men’s Headshots by Grant Olson Photography - Art Direction + text by James Kershaw - Hair by Nicole Fusco for Revive hair loft - Models Andrew, Cody, Elijah, Diljot at phabrik model + artist management The modern man wants something unusual or exotic. The scents in his fragrance wardrobe, need to reflect the many facets to his personality. A few fragrances featured here are classics, some are new versions of best sellers, and some are totally new creations. Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Intense is a new version of the original scent launched in 2008. This new version has notes of Blood Mandarin, Rose Neroli, Cinnamon and Orris root. The ad campaigns for both the original and the new Intense version feature Alberta born model Mat Gordon. Mont Blanc Legend Intense is a spicier interpretation of the original launched earlier this year. New note additions include Pepperwood and Red Apple. Limited edition versions such as Thierry Mugler’s A*Men Pure Malt Creation 2013 was inspired by traditional techniques used to produce the finest whiskies (aged in oak casks), to produce woodier, smoky notes. A few famous European fashion houses are launching new scents to tempt the discerning consumer, Hermes Paris, the house founded in 1837 is now a global powerhouse known for luxury goods. Many of the world’s top designers have worked for Hermes, such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Martin Margiela. One of the houses newest scents is Eau De Mandarine Ambree, launched at Holt Renfrew in June, it’s already in their top ten sellers. Bottega Veneta, the artisanal leather goods company formed in 1966 introduces Pour Homme , the house’s first fragrance for men, following the successful launch of their debut women’s scent in 2011. Some of the scent’s exotic notes are Canadian Fir Resin, Jamaican Pepper, the key note is Andalusian Labdanum. Burberry, the house known for their iconic plaid accessories and the trench coat debuts another addition to their growing catalogue of men’s scents. Burberry Brit Rhythm’s top notes consist of basil, and cardamom, middle notes include leather and patchouli, the cedar and Tonka bean round out the base. Azzaro Chrome United, a celebration of friendship, is a new interpretation of the best selling original Azzaro Chrome. The scent’s many exotic notes include Sichuan pepper, Ceylon Black Tea, Violet leaf and White Musk. Prada’s most recent men’s offering is Luna Rossa, launched earlier this year, the scent is named for the “Red Moon” sailboat and team that competes in the America Cup. Some of the scents ingredients are Bitter Orange, Spearmint and Ambroxan molecule. Look for a new limited edition of the scent to debut later this fall. Iconic American Menswear designer John Varvatos’, (two time winner of the CFDA American Fashion Award for Menswear Designer of The Year) most recent scent is not brand new, Star U.S.A. launched in 2010 to rave reviews, the scents notes of Red Ginger Essence, Blue Spruce and Venezuelan Tonka Bean struck a cord with consumers, His first scent simply named John Varvatos launched in 2004 is still among the fragrance world’s top sellers.

Male Room

- Art Direction + text by James Kershaw - Photographs + Digital Art by C Side Photography - Model Andrew H at phabrik model + artist management The ensuite is becoming the new male room as more men discover the benefits of caring for their skin. Products that treat, protect and rejuvenate are available for all areas head to toe. They now demand products that go beyond the basics to enhance the effects of items they are already using for skin cleansing, hydration and comfortable shaving. Twenty-first century males are seeking problem solvers for anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and fatigue fighting. Specialty items for the vulnerable eye area that reduce under eye darkness and puffiness, formulas for dark spot correction (hyperpigmentation) caused by sun exposure and wrinkle reducing serums that supplement their daily regimen.

Homme Based

- Model: Kent - Styling: James Kershaw - Photography/Digital art: Men’s skincare has come a long way in the past decade and so have the attitudes men have concerning the care of their skin. The stigma surrounding men that once used skin preparations as overtly narcissistic, vain beings with unadulterated egos has been replaced with one of a informed man concerned with health, vitality and well-being. Looking and feeling good in your skin is no longer just the privilege of women. Major cosmetic houses on both sides of the globe have extensive lines based on the special needs of a man’s skin. A male’s skin is often thicker, oilier and can have a coarser appearance than his female counterparts. All issues are now addressed, protection from the elements, hydration, post shaving calming and soothing of the skin. Zone specific areas such as the eyes have there own unique set of problems and solutions. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men’s new Anti-fatigue Cooling Eye Gel roll on revitalizes,and brightens while combating puffiness and dark circles. ClarinsMen Age Control Line Control Eye Balm revitalizes, lifts and firms, and reduces puffiness ideal for the more mature male. Exfoliation is key to a clear glowing complexion, Clinique Skin Supplies For Men’s Face Scrub prepares the skin for shaving, it removes dead skin and oil buildup, lifts the beard to reduce ingrown hair development. ClarinsMen new Exfoliating Cleanser (June availability) deep cleanses, purifies and refines the skin with natural lava powder, natural micro beads and micro spheres of salicylic acid while eliminating toxins that can dull the complexion. Comfort Zone MANSPAce Hydra Performer After-Shave Restoring Hydrator replenishes lost moisture due to shaving restoring the skin’s natural defenses.

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