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Saving Face

March 2012

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There is a constant struggle to maintain an adequate hydration level in the skin. The effects of extreme weather conditions,(all too familiar to Canadians), central heating and air conditioning all contribute to skin’s water loss. These not only contribute to the feeling of discomfort, but also the visible signs of too little water in the skin’s surface layers, such as fIne lines, a dull appearance, and flakiness.

The beauty industry has responded with a vast array of potions, lotions and elixirs to help alleviate the problem. Clarins, long known for their expertise in all things relating to beauty are relaunching their Face Treatment Oils. Introduced in the mid 1960’s and unchanged in formula since then, they are composed of aromatic essential oils and plant extracts to aid in rebalancing the skin. The newly repackaged oils (the 30ml. bottle now comes with a dropper to precisely measure the amount needed ) will be at Clarins counters nationwide in April. Clinique, another renowned skin care company recently introduced Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator for very dry and delicate skin. The product helps to correct and maintain the moisture barrier allowing the skin to retain an elevated level of hydration. Comfort zone, a well known spa line of skin treatments offers hydramemory fluid 24h, which helps to maintain an ample moisture level in the epidermis for up to 24 hours.

A lack of water in the skin is a problem that can occur at any age. A loss of firmness is characterized by skin slackening, a loss of elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles and usually affects women in their forties. Clarins introduces new Extra Firming Day and Night Creams in two formulas, one for dry skins, one for all skin types and is available nationwide now. Clinique’s newest age fighter was also developed to fight the loss of firmness, their Repairwear Uplifting firming cream is used morning and evening after your appropriate 3-step skin care regimen and is also available in two formulas.

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