PHABRIK Magazine

Male Room

September 2013

– Art Direction + text by James Kershaw
– Photographs + Digital Art by C Side Photography
– Model Andrew H at phabrik model + artist management

The ensuite is becoming the new male room as more men discover the benefits of caring for their skin. Products that treat, protect and rejuvenate are available for all areas head to toe. They now demand products that go beyond the basics to enhance the effects of items they are already using for skin cleansing, hydration and comfortable shaving. Twenty-first century males are seeking problem solvers for anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and fatigue fighting. Specialty items for the vulnerable eye area that reduce under eye darkness and puffiness, formulas for dark spot correction (hyperpigmentation) caused by sun exposure and wrinkle reducing serums that supplement their daily regimen.

Beauty Boosters | Visionary Care UNcommon Scents
Beauty Boosters | Visionary Care
UNcommon Scents


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