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Buy Less Wear More: 2015 Women’s Spring Trend Guide

By Mark St. James

There are a few key trends each season that steal the show and resonate with a fashion-focused few, and the truth is that only a vast minority of people are privy to that group. But when you break down a trend to its wearable root, you're left with pieces you'll love and love to wear. Styling becomes less of a chore and pairing pieces together comes naturally. I decided to do something a bit different this season: instead of prattling off trends that you'll never be able to fully incorporate into your budget, I've broken it down into Bankable-Budget-Breakers, Quantity-Over-Quality and Call-A-Friend. To make this completely "shoppable," there are items you need—period, items that will slay a trend but will not break the bank, and trendy pieces you know your fashion-forward bestie has in his or her closet and now’s the time to borrow them. The Bankable-Budget-Breakers Any style-starved sister will tell you that suede is the biggest trend this season and that vintage borrowed suede looks tired and worn—adjectives you never want to have surrounding you come spring. Suede skirts, dusters, over-the-knee boots, and gloves are all items that will dip you in that 70s chic trend that swept runways from NYC to Paris. Theory, Halston, Gerard Darel Gucci and SAINT Laurent Paris have all embraced the trend and it's definitely one you're going to have to invest in too. Remember, time does suede no favors, especially if it's pig skin or if it hasn't been properly stored. Quantity-Over-Quality I'm the first person to justify an impressive price tag when shopping, but sometimes it's simply not necessary when fast fashion retailers have caught up to the trend. You can save a few pennies and it's perfectly okay. However, these next trends are going to be a flash in the pan or are already on their way out, so if the less-than-stellar style only lasts a season, you're not out a whole lot of cash. A gummy-soled sandal. We've all seen them in bulk at places like Forever 21 and Aldo. Spending a fortune on a Giuseppe Zanotti sounds like a fun Saturday afternoon, but it's totally not necessary to achieve this look. Another trend that can be achieved cheap and cheerfully is head to toe print. Be it a jumpsuit, maxi dress or slammin' separates, you can get this look for a tiny fraction of what it would cost off the runway. The Call-A-Friends You know them well: that close pal who invests in trends like they're going out of style; you know they're fashion hills to die over and you have probably saved them from a few unfortunate fashion faux-pas in the past. Well, your expert styling advice comes with a price, it's time to call in some favours. If ever there was a time to wear culottes, that time is now. Those bell-bottoms she has need a serious hem job...think mid-calf. Convince her to turn wide legged pants into culottes, and then convince her to borrow them. Unlike previous seasons, the more pleats up top, the better. Cool culottes are the mini skirts of last spring so you know what they say: beg, borrow or steal. Let's focus on borrowing. Other borrowable items include any shoe with a chunky heel and thick sole. Compliment that shoe with a wide waist cincher or thick belt wrapped around your hips over your high-waisted culottes.      

Buy Less Wear More: 2015 Men’s Spring Trend Guide

By Mark St. James

The Bankable-Budget-Breakers Investing in a quality can be a sure fire way to be a classic gent, but hitting trends on the head can be tough from a bespoke perspective. Custom suits can be made from thousands of swatches, but which ones will make you stand out in the right way for Spring 2015? When I went to Hong Kong last year, all the men were wearing bright, eye-catching cobalt blue. It dotted the financial district like sastrugi after a blizzard. Guess what just made its way to North America? Cobalt blue. Since last year, the color has only gotten brighter, but this season, think slate blue instead of sky blue or navy. Aside from suiting, invest in a solid pair of loose fitting lamb leather shorts or a leather shirt. This bad boy style is guaranteed to get you noticed in all the right ways. Quantity-Over-Quality After you've spent all your budget on a new suit, it's time to trick out your spring style with easy to buy quickies like a brown and white, or blue and white gingham shirt, a washed leather work style boot and an over-sized scarf. It doesn't have to be cashmere to be stylish. Wear it over your coat and hide the tassel ends to give it a captivating street style look. The Call-A-Friends Call up your buddy and tell them you're showing up with a six pack of his favourite drink. Then, while he's guzzling back, watching the game, it's time to "mission impossible" his closet! Your mission: grab all the holey shirts and sweaters you can find for the 90s grunge revival trend. Truth is, he won't even know you have them until he sees you on the popular page on Instagram wearing his old throwaways. Other things to borrow? Vintage sunglasses and paisley bow ties.    


- Photography by Harry Fellows - Swimwear Designer Natalya Toporova - Hair by Steven Mark Hugo - Makeup by Paola Orlando - Model Joann P. at Elite Miami

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- Photography by Ernest of Studio E Photography - Photography assistant Ian MacDonald - Photography by Semi Ohtomatic - Hair Stylists Kelly Bula + Christa Lynn Laska - Makeup by James Kershaw - Stylists Sandra Sing Fernandes +Jon Harmon - Models Lauren, Betina, Trista, Mark, Elijah courtesy of PHABRIK artist + model management, Paul and Randy - Location Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel

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  - Photography by Anais Benoudiz - Wardrobe Styling by Alyssa Blanco - Model Jessica Estrada

Men’s Trends: Fall 2014


The Fall 2014/Winter 2015 season brings some fall and winter mainstays along with some surprising twists, including a new it-bag just for the dudes. Black and White A combo we never get sick of. Alexander Wang is a master at playing with these two colours in contrasting blocks, trim details and layers. We love this versatile trend that lets up play up what’s already in our wardrobes. Boxy Bags Men’s bags just got supersized thanks to the mega influence of labels like Louis Vuitton, Versace and Balenciaga. They traded in spring’s soft clutches for masculine, tailored luggage of oversized proportions. Orange is the New Black Even we were surprised to see sprinkles of orange in menswear collections for fall! The colour varies in shades from light pumpkin to fiery red-orange. We’ve especially fallen for Topman Design’s outrageously orange outerwear. Roll Call The varsity feel of bomber jackets is perfectly on point for back to school season. Marc by Marc Jacobs made its version extra sporty with over-the-top lettering and patterns reminscient of Indy 500 attire, while Hermes went streamlined with an all-black, leather sleeve version.

Women’s Trends: Fall 2014


Fall 2014/Winter 2015 lets you play dress up from one end of the fashion spectrum to the other. Play it soft and pretty in pastels or join the dark side in gothic getup. Viva Pastels Bubblegum shades survived the summer and are still trending for fall. Your must-have investment piece this season is a powder blue or soft lilac hued wool coat à la Gucci and Electric Feather. Witchy Woman If Fall 2014/Winter 2015’s runways had you reminiscing on 90’s cult film, The Craft, you were paying attention. The staples? Black velvet mini dresses, knee-high stockings and chokers galore. Athletic Aesthetic Sportswear hits another homerun this season with MVPs Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Miu Miu. Highbrow athletic wear means hi-tech fabrics, racer backs and mesh detailing for the win. Once Upon a Time It was a storybook ending from designers Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana who presented high fashion versions of our favourite fairytale femme fatales. Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood were brought to life through delicate embroidery, romantic lace and sweeping silhouettes.  

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- Photography by - Art Direction/Styling by Sandra Sing Fernandes - Makeup by James Kershaw - Hair by Kelly Bula - Model Anika at Mode Models

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