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Buy Less Wear More: 2015 Men’s Spring Trend Guide

By Mark St. James

March 2015
The Bankable-Budget-Breakers

Investing in a quality can be a sure fire way to be a classic gent, but hitting trends on the head can be tough from a bespoke perspective. Custom suits can be made from thousands of swatches, but which ones will make you stand out in the right way for Spring 2015?

When I went to Hong Kong last year, all the men were wearing bright, eye-catching cobalt blue. It dotted the financial district like sastrugi after a blizzard. Guess what just made its way to North America? Cobalt blue. Since last year, the color has only gotten brighter, but this season, think slate blue instead of sky blue or navy.

Aside from suiting, invest in a solid pair of loose fitting lamb leather shorts or a leather shirt. This bad boy style is guaranteed to get you noticed in all the right ways.


After you’ve spent all your budget on a new suit, it’s time to trick out your spring style with easy to buy quickies like a brown and white, or blue and white gingham shirt, a washed leather work style boot and an over-sized scarf. It doesn’t have to be cashmere to be stylish. Wear it over your coat and hide the tassel ends to give it a captivating street style look.

The Call-A-Friends

Call up your buddy and tell them you’re showing up with a six pack of his favourite drink. Then, while he’s guzzling back, watching the game, it’s time to “mission impossible” his closet! Your mission: grab all the holey shirts and sweaters you can find for the 90s grunge revival trend. Truth is, he won’t even know you have them until he sees you on the popular page on Instagram wearing his old throwaways.

Other things to borrow? Vintage sunglasses and paisley bow ties.



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Living the Better Life
Buy Less Wear More: 2015 Women’s Spring Trend Guide


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